Speech from the ‘Military School of Officers’ 23 July 2009

Speech from the ‘Military School of Officers’  23 July 2009
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One hundred and fourteen years after the bombing of the Parthenon from the cannon of  Morozoni (1687) many of the sculptures of the Parthenon were in ruins. However, these sculptures still had their power to influence young artists and also to inspire admiration from foreign visitors and tourists. We still could, today admire these masterpieces of Greek artists even in the condition they had been left in from the bombings of Morozini, if only Lord Elgin had not arrived in Athens in 1801 who had become well-known for his barbaric and dishonest actions against the monuments and their world Cultural Heritage.

The pillage if the monuments of the Acropolis from Lord Elgin for us Greeks is and will always be an open wound for every civilized individual on this planet an unjust action from a representative of the English crown against the cultural heritage of a glorious and proud nation who even from the darkness of his work never once stopped teaching Europe Art and Culture.