Speech from the General Senior high school Pefkon Thessaloniki. 23 Oct 2014

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After having read so much concerning the Caryatid you can imagine how emotional I felt as I made my way towards the British Museum to meet our emigrated sister.

Imagine the sorrow I felt when I finally found her in a completely unsuitable place resembling a prison cell. She is loaded with a concrete bean on her head, two centuries now she has been supporting the loft of the British Museum.

Imagine my rage and indignation when I saw a group of visitors waiting in line to see her, to be photographed with her and to embrace her. A young man used indecent gestures in front of her  to entertain his friends.

I stayed with the Caryatid for three hours and guarded her from the visitors. She accepted my caress with relief it was a Greek caress.

Then, suddenly I heard children’s voices coming closer, they were a group from a Greek school. As they were approaching they whispered “Our marbles, they have been stolen”. When they came up close to the Caryatid they all shouted “Oh Karyatida! Oh Karyatida!” I called them over next to me and urged them to caress our emigrated Daughter of Athenians.  A BROTHERLY CARESS, A GREEK CARESS!